Blackfinn Mural Art

As part of Blackfinn’s interior art strategy, Brand Architecture creates a unique and location specific set of murals for each Ameripub location.

The dining mural is created in warm hues. This mural was created for the location in Morrisville, NC and focuses upon some local landmarks including the J.S. Dorton Arena and Thomas Sayre’s gigantic ellipses at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The Blue Ridge Mountains grace the background of the mural while the hockey stick references the prevalent hockey tradition in North Carolina.

The counterpart of the dining mural, the bar mural is created in cool hues. This set of murals was created for the Montgomery, Alabama location and is broken up in 3 parts to better fit the allocated bar space. The middle piece highlights the Blackfinn badge and the iconic Harriott II Riverboat. The outer pieces play with typographical elements of the Blackfinn logo and branding to create an abstracted version of the mural art.

art, design, illustration, layout, typography

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